Township Game Tips – Best Tips & Tricks

Township Game Tips

One of the best and tasking games you will ever get involved in is Township. Township teaches its fans how to be responsible and considerate about other people’s welfare. At the same time, you will learn a lot of management, development and investment skills at a very young age. This explains the reason why the game is growing in popularity that fast.

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Leveling Up on Township

We get into gaming with one goal. Becoming the best among all the gamers on that platform. Many games offer free tutorials to beginners to help them familiarize with the game. At the beginning, the game feels fun and easy but things change as you progress. Therefore, it would just be fair if I gave you a few tips on how to level up much faster. Below are a few Township game tips that will work perfectly well for you.

1.   Before Building Something New, Ensure You Have Enough Coins

The moment you start constructing your first building on Township, we get tempted to continue building more and more. However, it is very important to understand that constructing a new building has different requirements. Therefore, before you start one, make sure that you have all the resources you will require.

If you don’t have enough coins and citizens, concentrate on reaching new player levels. This is because, every level unlocks new buildings and these buildings go with categories. These categories are; “Houses”, “Factories”, “Farming”, “Community Buildings”, “Decorations” and “Special”. Therefore, fill up your account with enough coins before you decide to build up new buildings unless need be.

2.   Befriend A Ton of Players

Just like in real life, having a good circle of friends makes life more comfortable and bearable. On Township platform, befriending a ton of friendship and especially the most active ones means unlimited provision of in-game coins. This is made possible by the provision of sending and receiving gifts from your friends on the platform.

Every time you login, make it a habit to send gifts to your friends in case you need some. At the same time, your friends can also return the favor and send you gifts every now and then. Your friends are also very important when it comes to fulfilling your Train Station orders. Your friends act like your real life loyal customers.

If you want to help your friends fulfill their Train Station orders, hop into the “Friends” menu. This will direct you to the exclamation point tab. Head into the towns created by the featured players and help them fulfill their Train Station orders. Although it is not a guarantee that they will help you when you need them too, at least a few of them will.


There are many other Township game tips you can work with if you don’t want to spend real money on the platform. Some of these include; growing and harvesting wheat as it is the cheapest way of earning XP. You can also take advantage of your daily bonus rewards by login in for five consecutive days among others.