How To Upgrade Walls In Last Day On Earth – Guide To Survival

How To Upgrade Walls In Last Day On Earth

How well equipped are you when it comes to dealing with Zombies on the Last Day on Earth? Dealing with Zombie Hordes has proven to be one of the greatest challenges in the Last Day on Earth. The zombies are dedicated to destroying all the walls that you raise for your protection. However, it should not be a problem anymore. In this article, I will teach you how to upgrade your walls in Last Day On Earth to become stronger.

The Gameplay of Last Day On Earth

Last Day on Earth is one gaming app that brings up a picture of real life. The decisions you make on the platform should be just like you would if you were in a similar situation in real life. A wooden wall is strong but not as strong as a stronger wall like a stone or brick wall and the rest. Here is how to upgrade your walls in Last Day On Earth to make them stronger and firm.

Steps of Upgrading The Walls

There are two main steps followed when you want to upgrade your walls. These steps are:

One: Gathering Resources

Your intention is to get as much limestone and pine as you can. However, don’t be in a hurry to build the walls as the zombie will destroy them constantly, causing you to lose resources. Another reason why you should not build walls very early is that you might not be in need of them. This is because the walls are used to provide protection.

However, you cannot be raided unless you raid others. Therefore, it is wise to first finish building and upgrading your walls before you start raiding others. As a new player, the first thing you should concentrate on more is building floors. This is because no one can destroy your floors except yourself.

How To Farm Different Resources

To farm wood, you will need to make a makeshift bat. This will give you something to fight your enemies. Make a backpack to enable you to carry more woods, and lastly, get three hatches to clear all the wood in Pine Bushes. Once you are fully armed, head to the green forest zone and clear your enemies to get all the wood you need.

To farm stone/steel, it is wise to go to the yellow zone. Although you can still get stone and steel in the green zone, it will be in low quantity. In the green zone, you find 15 pieces, while the yellow zone gives you 90 pieces.

Two: create Walls

Once you have all the resources in place, it’s time to build your walls as the zombies can’t break them. Once you get to level 4 walls, you can easily get to the level 4 walls in a very short time with the right resources. Farming steel, however, will take you much longer than farming stones or any other resource. 5


Leveling your walls is not an easy task, and it is also a very time-consuming process. For you to fully upgrade the base, it can take you weeks or months. This depends on the expertise and resources you have.