War Robots Weapons – The Best Robots and Weapons of 2021

War robots’ weapons

In this game, War robots’ weapons are divided into three parts, which are known as light. Heavy and medium. Light equipment is less powerful, and heavy types of equipment are more powerful. In this game, the titans are divided into two sections, one is known as the beta, and the other is alpha. 

What are robots in this game

A robot may carry up to four weapons. These War robots’ weapons can be used in a variety of combinations. When a robot uses machinery, then they are known as hardpoints. Now, these hardpoints are positioned or upgraded. 

What are weapons used by titans

Titans only use alpha and beta weapons. They don’t use heavy or light machinery. This means that alpha and beta weapons are much stronger than standard weapons. So, when these weapons are used, then you can guarantee a win 

What are some of the equipments 

War robots’ weapons

Well, the types of equipment can be divided into four categories. These are known as explosive, kinetic, energy, and shield. 


The weapons in this category include machine guns, cannons, autocannons, and corrosion weapons. With a proper line of speed and bullet spread, these weapons are one of the best in the game. 

These can cause maximum damage.


The weapon this category includes rocket launchers. So, these weapons are used when a player is trying to destroy an entire enemy target. The only downside to this is reloading. A rocket launcher will need a projectile to destroy an enemy target. Loading of a projectile can be slow. 


The weapons in this category are shotguns and plasma shotguns. These are weapons that are used in firing in a short-range. When energy is closed, then they can do maximum damage. In addition, with these weapons, you will have the feature of bypassing energy shields. Some of the energy weapons also include flamethrowers.


 These are weapons that are used to block an ongoing fire. These consists of a physical shield or an energy shield 

What are the best kinds of robots? 

Based on a lot of research, we have concluded the best robots on user reviews. Most of the players playing this game take mercury as their first choice. The robot has a feature known as the helldiver. Using this feature, the mercury robot can jump when the robot detects and incoming fire. This gives you an added advantage in the battlefield 

The second in the list would be known as a spectre. This a robot that has the ability while flying through the skies and be invisible for four seconds after landing. The last in the list would be known as the hell burner. 

Newbies players are found to exploit its powers since they don’t know how to use them. 

Wrapping up 

Having knowledge of types of equipment in very crucial in playing war robots. This knowledge will help you win battles in the battle arena. In addition, make sure you read the information closely, so that you know what kind of weapons to use in which battle. It is advised to use mercury and spectra when fighting tough opponents. Spectre can be used for fighting fewer worthy opponents.