What Is Coin Master- Coin Master Guide

What is Coin master

In this article, we are going to give you a brief introduction about what is Coin master and its features. This game was launched in 2010. A new version of the game was released last year. The new trailer took everyone by storm, and social media was filled with praises for coin master. The game is from cartoon style, and the rating in Google play store is 12 +. This basically means that this game is safe for children.


This is a simple game that has an easy learning curve. The user has to spin slot machines to collect the coins. Once thy coin is purchased, then the user can use it for buying machinery and making their own Viking village. The user will have the privilege to travel through time and collect certain essentials that would make the village look the best .

Segregation of the game 

1. Slot machine 

The first part of the game deals with slot machine function. You spin the slot machines to get coins. When you have enough coins, then you can use them to buy raids, attack, and shields. The next step comes in the form of invading villages 

2. Invading villages 

The coins that you get from the slot machine will allow you to win stars. More stars would mean that you would be positioned at the top. The coins that you get from the slot machine will help you raid another village, and win more coins. 

Note: There is no abusive graphical content when you raid a village 

3. Time spent in the game 

Now naturally, there will come a time when there will be no spin left to spin the slot machine. So, the developers of the game decided to provide you with five free spins every hour. When spins are limited that that means that it may take several hours to buy the next village.

4. The social media effect 

When you open the game, the developers of the game will encourage you to sign in with your Facebook account. Then the developers of the game will ask you to invite your Facebook friends. So that everybody can enjoy this game. 

5. Cost included 

Please note that this game is free of cost, but if you run out spin and don’t have the time to earn more coins, then you can pay and buy coins. 

6. Most highlighting features 

Some of the most highlighting features of this game are trading cards and micro transactions. When you play this game, please note that a good trading card and help you buy a valuable chest. In the game, you will have the privilege to buy three different sets of cards.

Micro transactions are the quickest way to earn cash. In the game, you will earn some cash as you advance through the game. You can spend these and earned cash to buy coins. As you spent the coins, you will have the opportunity to do more spins 

Final thought 

So, from the above information, it is very clear about what is Coin master and that anyone can play this game since it is fun and keeps one entertained for hours. Suited for everyone in the family since it does not support any sorts of violent graphical content.