WHAT IS KAHOOT – All you need to know about Kahoot

WHAT IS KAHOOT - All you need to know about Kahoot

Are you bored with traditional ways of teaching your students in the classroom? Are you running out of ideas to make interactive activity-based learning in the classroom? Are you tired of making repeated question banks, giving tests, and assessing your students manually? Here is a Boon for you all to make your work easier.

Wondering What is KAHOOT? KAHOOT is just for you to solve your worries about giving your best to teach and assess your students in the classroom. It also helps you make learning and assessments more fun, interactive, and engaging.

So, What is KAHOOT?

Kahoot is an online-based gaming platform used for learning purposes across various schools and other educational institutions. It has 400 – 500 million games on various topics with multiple images and videos to make it more exciting and engaging for the students. It has multiple-choice questions. It also allows the users to create their own quiz questions or tailor-make according to your student’s levels with the existing questions available. 

Kahoot is used in schools and also in various office and social settings irrespective of age and place they live. Also, it has other features like surveys, polls, etc.

Here are the Technical requirements that you might need: 

  • A desktop / laptop / tablet / mobile device (android or iPhone)
  • Internet connection
  • A projector screen 

KAHOOT designed to use in any device with just a high-speed internet connection. The best thing about KAHOOT is to use it from multiple devices at the same time.

Now, follow the steps to create and have fun in your classroom with your students.

  1. Go to its website and create an account for yourself. 
  2. Then, make games and quizzes related to any topic and any language in a much more comfortable and time-saving way. 
  3. Now share the link with all your students.
  4. Once they join, provide the generated unique PIN code with your students. The unique PIN code generated when you initially create the game. 
  5. Once the correct PIN entered, your students can enter their names. 
  6. Once all your students join the game, you are ready to start the game. 
  7. Students play the game at their own pace. 
  8. Scores will display for every correct answer they make.
  9. The individual scores are recorded. It also helps you by giving a detailed analysis of each player’s performance, thereby making it easier for you to score and analyze.


  • Change from the traditional methods of learning.
  • Great engagement for the students.
  • It reduces monotony and boredom in education.
  • Used as an alternative tool of assessments.
  • Can also use it for giving homework.
  • Creates motivation to perform better as it offers immediate rewards by visually showing the scores on the screen.
  • 400 – 500 Million pre-made games available on various topics and languages.
  • Easy to make reports from the results at the end of the game
  • Can easily share it among multiple platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Classrooms, and Apple SchoolWork.
  • Can use it from various devices at the same time.


  • Complexity in tracking the progress level of each student.
  • Strong WIFI connectivity is needed, as multiple players use it at the same time.
  • Sometimes the music from the videos and the colorful images used maybe a distracting factor for the student.
  • As it is a multiplayer gaming platform, the complexity of the quiz may be high for the low performing students, thereby creating stress among them.
  • The availability of the gadget is itself an issue.

Thus KAHOOT makes the best game-changing reform in the modern technology-based education field. This has won the hearts of students and the teachers, as it provides a variety of factors like engagement, motivation, joy, and participation among the students. KAHOOT has already become famous and familiar among countries like the US and Europe. 

So, TEACHERS… What are you waiting for? Start using KAHOOT. Make your students come out of the boring traditional book and blackboard teaching method and show them a more fun and colorful way of learning. HAPPY TEACHING !!!!!