What Is Patreon – Simple Patreon Guide

What Is Patreon

Once in a while, we wish that someone would recognize our passion and hard work and pay us for the efforts. This is, however, not as easy as it seems the world is too busy each person trying to make their ends meet. The good news is, there is a solution to all your pain and worries in Patreon. In this article, we will look at what Patreon is and how it affects the life of artists, musicians and so on.

Simple definition

Patreon is a membership platform for supporting creators and helping them earn from their hard work. In simple terms, this is a platform where thousands of vloggers, artists, podcasters, musicians, and other creators make a living.

Patreon was founded six years ago, and currently, it supports over 100,000 creators. These creators receive recurring donations from more than 3 million supporters. This has made the platform a center of the growing ecosystem that works in support of creators online. This platform is, however, facing competition from Facebook and YouTube. Therefore, it is working towards making a profit without having to alienate its users. The company is planning essential changes to the platform to help it survive.

How does Patreon work?

For creators, they get paid for creating things they have regularly been creating. This include; videos, webcomics, songs and many more. Your fans pay a few bucks per every post you released or per month. The creator then receives his/her payments either monthly or every time they release something new.

For patrons, things are a bit different. Patreon is taken as a way of joining the community of your favorite creators and paying them for making something you like. Patreon developers and managers ensure that patrons don’t throw their money or waste it on the creator. Therefore, they charge them a few bucks per post that their favorite creator makes or per month.

If you choose to pay per month, the creator will be paid a few bucks for every video or stuff they make. The same is deducted from the patron’s monthly payment and within a short time; you become a real-life patron or bonafide of the arts.

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How to become a creator

Becoming a creator on Patreon is very easy. However, it is important to be decided on the services you will offer your fans. Once you have decided on what you are going to develop, you can follow the steps below:

·        Develop a recurring income stream

·        Take back creative control.

·        Build a direct and meaningful relationship with your audience.

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Always remember, for you to survive on any social media platform and attract as many fans as possible, you must be good at what you do. The competition is very tough as there are many people who are displaying the same thing as you. Therefore, it is also essential to have a magical way of drawing the attention of your audience. The most powerful being is learning to have a friendly connection with them.